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1. Comprehensive repair of vehicles and machines:
  • fault diagnostics

  • running repairs and main engines

  • repair transmission

  • installation repair vehicle control

  • repair of electrical and electronics onboard

  • repair chassis, suspension, brakes

  • repair of systems and regulations of driving comfort and support systems

  • repair and regulation systems for heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning,

  • repair of exhaust systems

2. Maintenance and repairs of the main diesel engines:
  • repair the engine accessories

  • replacement and repair of timing

  • replacement and repair of alternators, starters and wedge belts

  • replacement and repair of cooling systems

  • repair of fuel injection control systems

  • repair turbochargers and turbochargers

  • repair of cylinder heads

  • repair team piston crank

  • repair engine lubrication system

3. Repairs of Diesel injection pumps:
  • PUMPS Bosch electronically controlled: VE-EDC, VP, VR ( TDDI. Opel Astra, Vectra, Omega, Zafira, Ford-Focus / Transit / Mondeo / Audi / VW V6, Honda, Man, and Other)

  • DELPHI PUMPS electronicaly controlled: DPCN, EPIC I and II (Mercedes C / D 2.0, E / 2,2 D), EPIC III (Doblo, Renault Kangoo), DFP3

  • DENSO PUMPS electronicaly controlled: HP0, HP2, HP3, HP4

  • SIEMENS VDO PUMPS electronicaly controlled

  • STANADYNE PUMPS electronicaly controlled: DE

  • PUMPS In Line electronicaly controlled: P-EDC, H (np. Scania, Man, Volvo, Daf and Other)

  • PUMPS electronicaly controlled: PDE (with-foreign-powered i.e. Mercedes, Actros, Atego, Daf)

  • BOSCH PUMPS mechanical distributor: VA, VE,

  • LUCAS / DELPHI PUMPs mechanical distributor: DPA, DPC, DPS, DP200

  • DENSO PUMPs mechanical distributor

  • WSK PUMPS mechanical distributor: DPA

  • STANADYNE PUMPS mechanical distributor: DB2, DB4

  • BOSCH PUMPS mechanical In Line: A, M, P

  • LUCAS PUMPS mechanical In Line: Minimec

  • MOTORPAL PUMPS mechanical In Line

  • DENSO PUMPS mechanical In Line

  • WSK PUMPS Mielec mechanical In Line

  • WUZETEM PUMPS mechanical In Line: Wola Henschel

  • PUMPS mechanical single and multisection: self-and foreign-propelled

4. High Pressure Pumps Common Rail:
  • Bosch CP1, CP2, CP3

  • Delphi CRSP, DFP3

  • Denso: HP0, HP2, HP3, HP4

  • Siemens VDO, Bosch: CP1, CP2, CP3

5. Unit Injectors Repair:
  • UNIT INJECTOR electronically controlled: EUI Bosch and Delphi (np. Scania, Volvo, Daf, Mac, VW, Rover, Caterpilar, Navistar, Ford)

  • UNIT INJECTOR electronicaly controlled: Bosch PDE (eg Mercedes Actros, Atego)

  • Delphi Common Rail Injector in a specialized bench table AVM2PC Hartridge and replacement of isolation valves, tips and other parts of the injector

  • Generating new C2i and C3i codes after injector repair and dosage map correction

6. All models injector repair:
  • nozzles replacement

  • injectors repairs

  • duble springs injectors repair regeneration

  • regeneration of petrol injectors: SPI, MPI

  • regeneration Unit Injector EUI PDE np. Scania, Volvo, Mercedes, Daf, Mac, VW, Rover, Catelpilar, Navistar, Ford

  • check Common Rail injectors: Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens VDO on Bosch, Hartridge test benches(customer receives the output from the test)

  • regeneration System Common Rail Injectors:Bosch, Delphi

7. Turbo chargers repair:

Most currently manufactured engines, particularly compression ignition engines have a turbocharger. Engine turbocharger helps deliver more oxygen than necessary aspirated engines. This allows manufacturers to increase the capacity of the unit into ever smaller units. In terms of our service we offer:

  • running repairs and major turbocharger

  • controls and regulations turbocharged engine

8. Repairs and adjustments to air conditioning systems:

The widely understood comfort is not only tough, trouble-free engine, brakes with all the automation available, comfortable suspension, interior ergonomics, multimedia equipment but also a stable temperature inside, the clean air inside the vehicle, excellent ventilation, and block the entry of unnecessary Smell from outside. It all provides efficient and reliable AIR CONDITIONING. The service we provide service:

  • exchange and complement factor

  • cleaning and fumigation system

  • check repairs and major systems

  • exchange and regeneration schemes

9. Chassis repairs:
  • steering faults

  • Vulnerability of systems support

  • Vulnerability suspension systems

  • Vulnerability of exhaust systems

  • Fault system of depreciation

  • Failure of braking systems

  • Monitoring and control convergence

Any repair always end up checking and adjusting the geometry of specific diagnostic lines BOSCH.

10. Lighting repair, vehicle electrics and electronics:

In today's modern vehicles, the repair of electrical and electronic systems can not be effectively implemented without a professional, branded diagnostic and measurement instruments.